January 26, 17

Product Video in Hamilton for an Interior Design by Coco and Jack

Product Video in Hamilton

Coco and Jack approached us to come up with a concept for an product video in Hamilton for a recently completed renovation. The design firm worked with their client to completely furnish a living room, family room and a sun room. This included new flooring, wall mouldings, light fixtures, furniture and decor etc. The end result was gorgeous. A bright warm and comfortable space for the whole family to enjoy.

Coco and Jack wanted us to feature part of a service they offer, namely installation as well as the end result. This video was also primarily for social media so it couldn’t go above a minute. It needed to be bright and intriguing as well as showcasing the beautiful work.

We spent about a day shooting as we had to shoot through the installation process and then the end result. We used a lot of different techniques to result in interesting shots. Even though its a short video there are many clips, it moves fast. We wanted to keep it interesting and one way to do that is by mixing up the type of shots. We used a jib, slider and pans and tilts. And one of the most underrated shots, a still shot. The mix of these different shots keeps the viewer interested and watching.