March 24, 16

In the camera bag of a commercial photographer

If you’ve ever wondered what was in the camera bag of a commercial photographer this is the post for you! I have been building up my camera bag for a couple years now and had a set back when a year ago my whole bag was stolen. That was very depressing as I lost a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment and had to start over! But I’m back on my feet and very happy with the equipment I have.

March 14, 16

Shooting into the sun – hamilton commercial photographer

This is a continuation of a blog post I did a few weeks ago about the importance of light in photography. It will focus on shooting into the sun. There is a cardinal rule in photography to never point your camera into the sun. The idea behind this is then your subject is well lit. There is also an added danger of burning your retinas with if you stare at the sun with a telephoto lens, so this is not what I’m endorsing