Meet Cameron St.

A Unique outlet for visual storytelling

Cameron St. is a unique outlet to fulfill your visual branding needs. We know how hard you work crafting your company and leaving your clients happy. Social media is becoming the most effective way to see growth in brand awareness and high quality media can make that happen. We work as a husband and wife team to offer creative visual branding for products and services. Whether photography, videography or a combination of both we tell your story, capturing your work at its finest.

Joel Hordyk

I have always had a love for visual arts. Photography and videography have been hobbies I’ve long had a passion for. It was a natural progression to make the move into creative storytelling through these media outlets. I also love spending time with my family and having the opportunity to travel and capture the beautiful places we visit.

Artist + Traveler

Courtney Hordyk

As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed the process of creating beautiful things whether it be in fashion, interior design, art, photography or videography. Now being able to capture these processes in a creative way is what I love to do. I’m complete foodie who loves drinking tea with anything chocolate, traveling with my family and reading an old book.

Fashionista + Foodie

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