December 15, 16

A Gorgeous Parisian Inspired Landscape

This has to be hands down the best landscape I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Stepping into that back yard felt as though you were stepping into a garden in Versailles! I’m completely partial to European style so this landscape was right up my alley! The work was done by Shademaster Landscaping. The level they bring to a landscape is unreal. The overlook nothing.¬†Every detail accounted for.

Commercial Hamilton Videographer

The aggregate concrete gives that beautiful classic detail. The style of the house and landscape completely meshed as well.

Commercial Hamilton Videographer

This gorgeous pool with the 3 waterfalls and hot tub were stunning. It was certainly a place you could come to relax completely.

Commercial Hamilton Videographer

The fire pit seating area was a great spot tuck away among the beautiful beds!

There is so much more to be seen in the video. A gorgeous fountain set in the midst of pea gravel walk ways, beautiful beds of roses and lavender. A step down wall, a built in barbecue and much more!

Click below to watch the video!

For the video we felt that it needed a slower pace. We kept the song a little slower and the clips a little longer. This gave it a more regal feel that we thought suited the landscape much better than something quick and upbeat.

Song Licensing from The Musicbed.