March 28, 16

Commercial portrait photography in hamilton

A few weeks ago I did a few portraits for employees at CSL Group. They had won the Shining Star Achievement Award for the month. This is a great way to show your employees your appreciation of their hard work and to reward a job well done.

After setting everything up completely and doing a few test shots I had the employees in and out within 10 minutes. This minimizes time being wasted and keeps things running as efficiently as possible. Providing soft box lamps gives a flattering and professional look. Portraiture can be completely customized.

Using a backdrop gives a cohesive look especially when for a contact website page. There are so many backdrops available. You can keep it classic and minimal with a solid color such as white, black or grey. Or you can do something more creative. There is an endless supply of options. Some very cool backdrops that are different while still being proffesional are feature walls such as brick or wood. A backdrop is also useful for keeping a consistent look as you have employees coming and going the backdrop will remain the same. This looks much more professional on a website.

The photos below are the three employees who won the award. Congratulations to them! I think it was a great idea on CSL’s part as you could tell the process made them feel noticed and special. I think they realized that their hard work was appreciated and thats exactly how you want your employees to feel!


The end result is crisp professional photos that are at the same time fun since they are being used for an award not on the contact page. I have a scheduled shoot in April to do the whole companies portraits for use on their website which will have a much more polished feel.