March 7, 16

10 Tips for Interior design photography Part 1

Interior Photography can be an intimidating field to get into. Here are 10 tips for Interior Design Photography to make the jump a little bit easier!
1. Tripod – A tripod is a must! Interior photography is often a low lighting situation. Since it is preferable to shoot with a low ISO to minimize noise the only option you have is to really slow down the shutter. If you are shooting professionally crisp photos are a must. This is the tripod I use. You do need to invest in a good quality one as your camera equipment will likely be heavy.


2. Wide Angle Lens – A wide angle lens will also be very useful in interior shooting. The spaces are often small but your client will love the overall shots that only a wide angle lens can get. They are also great for the exterior shots you may also need to capture. This is the lens I use. Here is acomparable Nikon one. You can go wider but you do risk distortion around the edges. This lens is beautiful, it produces crisp images every time. It is also relatively light which is great for a long day of shooting. Just a note, to get the full wide angle you will need a full sensor camera like the Canon 6D or 5D Mark III.


3. Consider your space – Now that we have the equipment out of the way we can move on to technique. Is it bright and airy? Is it dark and rustic? What is the feeling you want to convey through your photos.

10 tips for Interior design Photographer

This restaurant has a very cool vibe, there are a lot of textures and it is dark. So I took that into consideration. I made sure lights and windows weren’t blown out and I kept it desaturated to keep with the trendy look.

10 tips for Interior design Photographer

By contrast the office above it very bright. So I kept it light and airy. You have to make the artistic decision of how to decide what look your going for, that is part of why the client has hired you.

4. Move around – Before attaching your camera to the tripod hold it and move around the room. Go in the corners, try different heights and angles. This way you can quickly determine what looks good through the lens and you know how you want to set up your tripod.

5. Detail shots – Your client is going to want the over all shots as well as the details. This is where you need to get creative. You want to show the space in a new way so their customers will do a double take.

10 tips for Interior design Photographer

This is an example of being a little bit creative. Instead shoot one whole table or both of them, this is a new perspective that is more exciting. The photo while creative, still has to be effective. Thats why this image works, it still shows the chairs and tables and really features the awesome chalkboard art.

I really hoped this helps! If you have questions be sure to comment below! I will provide the second half for you guys next week!