June 20, 17

Promo video in Hamilton for a Landscape Company

Shademaster’s tagline is Luxury Landscapes. And when you see their work you understand why. They are pristine. With no detail overlooked. We are working on a couple projects for their social media. The one below is the process they use to create exposed aggregate concrete. The attention to detail is amazing. Everything looks perfect. It really is incredible to see how things like this are made. We shot a promo video in Hamilton to show this.

The whole video is shot in slow motion at 120 fps. We wanted to convey the sense of luxury and magnitude of the job and in our opinion slow motion does that every time! We used our Sony A7Sii  and had it mostly on the Ronin. This allowed us to get those buttery smooth shots even though it was all in slow motion.

The ronin has been one of our best recent purchases. The kind of shots we can get are are amazing! It’s like have a dolly, drone and steadicam all in one! Keeping the shots in slow motion are made seemingly boring shots a lot more epic and interesting. The guys working were such troopers, they were so accommodating making it easy to get all the shots we  needed!

This video is sort of a teaser for whats in the works. We are in the middle of shooting a promotion video for the company and everything they stand for. Stay tuned!