March 24, 16

In the camera bag of a commercial photographer

If you’ve ever wondered what was in the camera bag of a commercial photographer this is the post for you! I have been building up my camera bag for a couple years now and had a set back when a year ago my whole bag was stolen. That was very depressing as I lost a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment and had to start over! But I’m back on my feet and very happy with the equipment I have.

Commercial photography is so different from say family or wedding photography. It is a niche I love to be in! Since it is harder to find reviews on equipment exclusively for commercial purposes I thought I would share what I have found.

Camera – I’m a canon gal and I have the Canon 6D which I love! Since I do mainly interiors and architectural photography I was not concerned about the lower focusing speed that the Canon 5D Mark III would have. I would like to upgrade one day but I’m not quite there yet. You can purchase here.


Tripod – This is crucial to being a good commercial photographer and other than your camera it is the one piece that you will use for almost every shot. It is necessary for portraiture, interiors and architectural. It is important to invest in a good one since a decent camera and lens is heavy and you cannot risk the camera shake. Here is the one I use, its a good price and a great tripod.


Lenses – I only have 2 lenses. A wide angle, and a portrait lens. My wide angle is an L-series 17-40mm f/4. It is a beautiful lens that has little distortion around the edges and provides a crisp picture with beautiful colours. This lens is the work horse of my camera bag, and I absolutely love it. You can purchase here.


The telephoto lens that is great for commercial portraits or getting those detail shots is Canons 70-200 mm f/2.8 IS II Lens. This lens is gorgeous. It delivers overtime. All of the photos I take have a beautiful bokeh. This lens is pricey but the quality is there. Here is where you can purchase.


Filters – I only have an ND filter that is great for getting soft water which clients love. Here is the one I have.


Drone – As you all know I also have a drone! Though I have not used it yet I am so excited to get to work with it! Take a look at it here. Or you can read more about it in my earlier blog post.


That’s about it! Any of you have something you couldn’t live without? Let me know I’d love to here from you!