March 28, 17

Forum Magazine Burlington Photographer

A few weeks ago I met with Ana Patrick from Forum Magazine to look into shooting Paradigm Condos. As it is not yet completed I shot the show room. It had a very modern and cool vibe. The perfect feel for a bachelor/bachelorette pad. It was sleek but the wood grain cupboards added enough texture that it wasn’t flat.


As it was a showroom the angles were a bit limited. The opposing view was was seating so I couldn’t take a photograph other than looking into the kitchen and bathroom. To come up with multiple shots and views took a bit of effort.


I focused on head on shots with cupboards in the foreground to add some depth.


This was a bit of a vignette focusing in on the sink and stove area with the island as a bit of visual interest.

Burlington photographer Burlington Photographer

These photos were taken to really show the texture of the cupboards as that was such a cool detail. I loved the contrast between the wood and stainless elements.

Burlington Photographer Burlington Photographer


Burlington Photographer Burlington Photographer Burlington Photographer

The bathroom was very luxurious. I loved the walk in shower with the glass doors. Having the door open for the photo adds more depth and also looks more inviting for the photograph. The lush towels and loofah really helps to imagine the space as your own.

Burlington Photographer