December 7, 16

Burlington Landscape Feature Video

This landscape was exquisite. The layout was so well designed maximizing the space of the backyard. It made it feel like an oasis in the middle of the suburbs. The flagstone was beautiful with little feature sections. The waterfall added to the ambiance visually as well as audibly. The cabana was stock better than my home fridge! It had custom built in cabinet featuring one side as a pool house with lockers and the other as a mini kitchen with a bar and tv. All the furniture is from Restoration Hardware which matches the landscape perfectly. It has a perfect contemporary and classic mix. The landscape was done by Shademaster Landscaping. As always they do the highest quality work.Burlington Commercial Video

For the video we wanted to feature all the special details that Shademaster is so good at. Their craftsmanship is incredible and we really wanted to let that shine. We used a majority of slider and handheld shots to focus in on all the details. Starting in the front we highlighted the gorgeous planting as well as the cobblestone. Moving on to the backyard there was a lot to keep us busy! A number of epe decks and beds. The barbecue was another gorgeous feature. The built in jacuzzi was so luxe and then of course there were the fire bowls and waterfall! Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts!