February 16, 17

Branding Video in Hamilton

Along with the Holiday Box video we also did a branding video for Marcia at The Dessert Room. She was lovely to work with! She has such a clear concept of her brand and that makes all the difference for a strong branding video. Her shop is so beautiful and full of light and the desserts such eye candy that is was a pleasure to shoot! The photos I used are from Marcia’s website and were not taken by me! You can watch brand video in Hamilton below.Brand Video in Hamilton

Our goal with this video was to show future clients Marcia’s talent, she is a true artist. We came up with the concept to shoot her space but also give a behind the scenes look at the work and passion that goes in to every piece. Her goal with this video was to show people that not only does she create for a special moment in your life but also an indulgence for everyday. The aesthetic is as important to her as the taste and they taste amazing!

She constantly comes up with new exciting flavours and concepts. She will work with you to create a piece unique to you, perfect for the special event in your life. We included this by showing her process sketching and then creating a cake. Her packaging is also so beautiful. She has a great eye and knows what will look beautiful. If you are getting married in the near future definitely check her out she has the most beautiful dessert tables for any event!