April 25, 16

Waterdown Interior Design Photographer

This beautiful addition onto an existing country home is the perfect mix of modern and classic farmhouse. The interior design was done by Wieske Design and she really hit the ball out of the park! The space was light and bright and airy. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph.

April 18, 16

Should You Use A Commercial Photographer

Most people believe that a good product or service will sell itself. And that is very true! Referrals are an amazing way to generate more business. But what about visual appeal on your website. No matter the amazing work you may have done perfecting your product or service photos taken on your phone are very difficult to get professional results. A professional camera has a much more dynamic range allowing much more detail that you worked so hard on into each shot.

April 14, 16

Five Tips For Event Photography

Event Photography can be intimidating. Often it’s a long day full of shooting and you aren’t able to do too much preparation beforehand. Here are a few tips to make your day go smoothly!