June 12, 17

A personal cinematic video of our kids visiting some horses!

Last week we took the kids out to the horses at my parents. We wanted to film a little short personal cinematic video. We had a few shots in mind to capture. We chose to go at sunset so we could get that beautiful natural light. Beside that horse paddock was a gorgeous field of long grasses. Joel and I both thought right away that we could get some really cinematic shots of the kids running through that in slow mo with some beautiful sun flare. We came away so excited with the shots we got!

This was all shot on our DJI Ronin M. Its quite the investment but honestly so worth it! I makes getting buttery smooth shots so easy! As necessary as a tripod is this takes a lot of the work out of picking the whole thing up and setting up in each new spot every time. Be warned though, it can be a bit of a back breaker!